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Monday, 27 August 2012

Hello again! Have some things to watch

Has it really been over a year since I posted anything here?

Yes. Yes, it has. And that's because I was halfway through a lengthy post about something else Out Of Order related and wasn't entirely sure how to wrap it up. A few weeks went by during which I'd occasionally add a little more and still not finish it, and then 14 months went by during which I did absolutely nothing to it.

That's despite the fact that I could have written here about other stuff. So I've now scrapped that half-finished post - didn't even read it - and am back with the intention of never writing anything here which takes more than one sitting to complete.

For example, this post is now complete. Almost! It wouldn't live up to the title if I didn't share with you a few videos. So here you go, in case you've not seen them: how to get a big score in Ballpit and an Easter egg in Out Of Order.

So - did you miss me? Should I write more huge retrospective post-mortemy things about Out Of Order or am I right to pack 'em all in? What do you reckon? Has anyone even read this? Helllllooooo?

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