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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Making games for fun and/or profit


There. Now nobody else has to do it. On the internet. Ever again.

I don't believe it - I just created a blog. Me. A ruddy blog. I've had a name for it kicking about in my head for a while, so when I just came up with one article I could write for it (this is not that article) I guess I kind of just went and did it. And now I'm one of the spill-my-guts-to-the-seven-people-on-the-web-who-stumble-across-my-site masses. Brilliant.

So, you're probably not wondering at all, what the hell does ICE WORLD LAVA WORLD mean and what's this article that I thought I should write (this is still not that article) and why's the title of this, the first post, "Making games for fun and/or profit" and why should I come back at a later date to read more of what you've written? I can answer some of those questions, and will attempt to do so in the rest of this post. I can't really answer the last question yet, but maybe time will tell.

Over the past several years I've made lots of games. Good games and bad games. Finished games and games which were abandoned. Text-based games and 2D games and 3D games and games which were technically 2D but which scrolled and had parallax backgrounds which was as close as you could get to 3D at the time. Games for the PC, for the Amiga, for consoles, for the Casio fx-7700G scientific calculator which I was meant to be using to get through a maths A-level, for web pages, even games which can be played on computers which can be found in certain places within other games. Games which I made entirely on my own and games made by teams both big and small. And, perhaps most importantly of all, games which were given away for free and games which were sold for cold hard cashmoney.

Which of these games I'll be able to waffle about here, I don't really know. I don't really want to get into the whole state-of-the-video-games-industry thing here, to be honest, so I'll probably pretty much stick to nattering about the things I've made independently.

Anyway, that's kind of the direction I imagine this blog going... I reserve the right never to write on it ever again, even that article which I really should, and I reserve the additional right to change direction and start talking about cows or space or funny words or more information about the Casio fx-7700G at any point if I decide that writing about my games past, present and (hopefully) future isn't really what I want to be doing.

Until the reseeing.

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